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22 Free Keyword Research Tools

by Sig Ueland

Choosing the right keyword is the foundation of successful search engine optimization. Fortunately there are a number of free online tools to help you identify potential keywords and analyze their strengths.

Here is a list of tools… Continue reading

Google’s Secure Search Squeezes SEO Planning and Reporting

by Jill Kocher

Google’s secure SSL search protects users’ search results and the keywords they searched on. Unfortunately, it also poses a growing threat to data-driven search engine optimization. Firefox recently joined Google Chrome — and, for logged-in users… Continue reading

Search Engine Blind Test

I love trying new things out on the net which is probably one of the reasons I am fascinated by web analytics and search. Naturally, I have been checking out Bing since it’s launch just to see what it’s all… Continue reading

Forget About SEO Content, Create Videos

Everyone says content is king in the SEO world and most people think this is strictly text content. Amazingly though videos with very little text content (a title and description) can be your most powerful content for optimizing search rankings… Continue reading

Google Addresses Duplicate Content

Google Addresses Duplicate Content

February 17, 2009

Countless hours have been spent by developers, consultants, webmasters and many others trying to figure out how to make sure search engines (Google) only see one copy of your website. If you are… Continue reading

Online Store Optimization Tips (from Miva Merchant Blog)

Building an online store is just the beginning in an ecommerce business that is destined to grow and become more profitable each year.  Once you have your site up to approximately 100 visitors a day or 3,000 visitors a… Continue reading

Should You Add SEO To Your Marketing Efforts?

Should You Add SEO To Your Marketing Efforts?
Balance pay-per-click advertising with search engine optimization
By: Boris Mordkovich

Pay-per-click advertising is, no doubt, one of the most effective ways of getting new leads and prospects to come to your website.… Continue reading