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Search Engine Blind Test

I love trying new things out on the net which is probably one of the reasons I am fascinated by web analytics and search. Naturally, I have been checking out Bing since it’s launch just to see what it’s all about. I have to say, so far I like it; that doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned Google…especially for SEO. Now that Microsoft and Yahoo have finally struck a deal which will give Bing close to a 30% market share once implemented got me thinking about what search engine would someone use if they had to pick based on blind search results. Put another way, if you saw the search results side by side for each search engine but didn’t know which search engine delivered each set of results would you pick a different search engine?

The premise of the idea is to determine which search engine delivers more “relevant” results when there is no search engine branding influencing your perception. My analytical side took over and I actually found a cool little tool that is actually running a blind search engine test.

Just for fun, try searching for something and see which results you like better. I recommend searching on something you don’t search for everyday. Mainly because you will likely recognize the “normal” results you see every day. Here is my test using, Zeus: