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3 Tips for Starting Your First Loyalty Program

Posted by jtolman to on March 12th, 2013

According to research reported in Inc., your returning customers spend, on average, 67% more than first-time customers.  Acquiring new customers will cost 5 to 10 times more… Continue reading

Google Addresses Duplicate Content

Google Addresses Duplicate Content

February 17, 2009

Countless hours have been spent by developers, consultants, webmasters and many others trying to figure out how to make sure search engines (Google) only see one copy of your website. If you are… Continue reading

Cart of the Week: Miva Merchant

Practical eCommerce counts over 300 different shopping cart platforms. This includes licensed carts, hosted carts, and open-source carts. In this, our “Cart Of The Week” feature, we’ll profile a specific shopping cart ask about its strengths and weaknesses. We’ll then… Continue reading

Miva Merchant collaborates on Microsoft Live Search cashback

Miva Merchant collaborates on Microsoft Live Search cashback

Miva Merchant has announced that it is collaborating with Microsoft Corp. in its Microsoft Live Search cashback program. The program attracts buyers with a powerful shopping search engine, which stimulates sales with… Continue reading

5 Tips for Turning Browsers Into Buyers This Holiday

The holiday shopping season is just around the corner and is the perfect time to look for ways to boost revenue for an MVP performance to close out the year. Just about every retail store will have various sales to… Continue reading

Google Analytics Gone Wild

The Google analytics team has listened to the community and is releasing 7 highly desired features that previously were only available via an enterprise class web analytics vendor after paying a pretty penny. A release date has not been publicly… Continue reading

Online Store Optimization Tips (from Miva Merchant Blog)

Building an online store is just the beginning in an ecommerce business that is destined to grow and become more profitable each year.  Once you have your site up to approximately 100 visitors a day or 3,000 visitors a… Continue reading

Miva Merchant adds SearchSpring as a Strategic Partner

San Diego, CA, 2008/07/09 — Miva Merchant today announced their strategic partnership with SearchSpring. Designed specifically for E-Commerce, SearchSpring is a hosted site search application that makes it easy for online stores to help their customers find the products… Continue reading

Miva Merchant Announces 5.5 Release

San Diego, CA, 2008/05/08 — Today Miva Merchant announced the successful release of Miva Merchant 5.5, a powerful upgrade to its widely used e-commerce storefront software product. At 7 AM Pacific Time yesterday, the robust dot-5 release began streaming to… Continue reading

Miva Merchant 5.5 update is coming!

San Diego, CA, 2008/04/08

Dear Fellow Miva Merchant,


In a few short weeks, we will be streaming out the new 5.5 update to Miva Merchant 5. This is an important milestone for us since acquiring Miva Merchant some… Continue reading